Beauty Formulas Facial Cleansing Strips 6 pcs

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Beauty Formulas Facial Cleansing Strips 6 pcs

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Face mask in self-adhesive strips by Beauty Formulas, which are easily removable and specially designed to be applied precisely to small areas of the face.

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Thanks to its composition with an increased content of ingredients,
penetrates the upper layers of the skin removing blackheads
spots and cleaning from atmospheric pollutants and any toxins.

Use / How to Use
Clean the skin of your face (especially the application area) well with soap,
ensuring that you effectively remove substances such as emulsion, lotion or face cream.
Carefully wet the application area. The tapes will not stick to a dry surface.
Dry your hands and remove the sticker from the tape.
Apply to the area where you want to clean the pores, pressing the smooth surface of the tape well into the skin.
Leave for 10-15 minutes to dry. The tape should harden over the minutes and become stiff.
Once dry, carefully remove from the edges of the tape, pulling it towards the center of the application.
Use the strips immediately after opening the package. Do not use the product on sensitive areas,
pimples, eczema, redness, burns or dry areas.
It is also not recommended to use them in areas that have shown sensitivities to adhesive tapes or peel off masks.
In case the strips stick strongly to the skin or it is impossible for you to remove them
, thoroughly wet the application area and carefully remove.
Their use is recommended for 1-2 times a week and certainly not more than 3. Away from children. For external use only.

Area of Use: Face
Method of Application: Strips
Action: Cleaning
Treatment: Black Spots

Other information

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm


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