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Elixir Semi Gel Semi-permanent professional polish with easy application. Lasts up to a month with maximum color fastness.

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Semi Gel Base Coat Semi Permanent Professional Varnish by Elixir Make Up

Elixir Make Up presents the innovative formula of the long-lasting professional semi-permanent varnish.

High quality nail art product with easy application
Semi-permanent long-lasting varnish with maximum color resistance from three weeks to one month
Cures in a 36W UV lamp in 2 minutes, or in a 36W LED lamp in 45 seconds.

instructions for use
We file the nail very well with a buffer to remove the oiliness from the nail
We apply the Semi Gel Base Coat and polymerize
We apply a thin layer of color and polymerize
We apply a second thin layer of paint and polymerize
We apply the Semi Gel Top Coat No Wipe and polymerize (for a matte effect we use the Semi Gel Matte Top Coat)


We polymerize the nail in the time required depending on the device we use.

We remind you that the duration of the color depends on a combination:

Correct procedure
Atmospheric Factors
From any stressed nails from daily work

The lid must be closed after each use. The product should be kept away from the sun, heat sources and children.


We buffer the nail
Soak the nail for 5 minutes in pure Acetone, until the color is removed.

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