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Erre Due Regenerage Advance Age-defence Night Cream 50ml

Erre Due Regenerage Advance Age-defence Night Cream 50ml

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ANTI-AGING – NOURISHING – OVERNIGHT A nourishing night cream, with 97% ingredients of plant origin, to rejuvenate the skin.

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It is specially designed to enhance its tone and elasticity
skin and helps to smooth fine lines, imperfections and wrinkles.
Enriched with stem cells and Kiwiberry fruit extract, rich in
Vitamin C, which help to reduce the adverse effects caused by
oxidative stress in skin cells, prolong their lifespan
cells and help prevent photoaging. Vigna Aconitifolia, natural
Retinol activates collagen synthesis, accelerates the regeneration of
cells and reduces wrinkles and signs of aging. Hyaluronic Acid
helps maintain natural moisture levels, enhancing elasticity
and skin health. Contains Shea Butter which contributes to
cell regeneration and the reconstruction of the skin by slowing it down
aging process, for a visibly younger and rejuvenated look.
Suitable for mature and damaged skin.

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