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HQ Facial Reconstruction Device 96068

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Facial reconstruction device for visibly younger skin by HQ! Regenerateur Visage Anti-Age, for is the ultimate weapon for a visibly youthful skin.

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The face reconstruction device, from the HQ company, has hot and cold
operation with 10 different temperature levels ( 15 °C – 42 °C ), which
combined with the possibility of pulse vibrations lead to cellular regeneration
and in the reconstruction of the skin.
During use, the micro-circulation of the blood is stimulated, oxygenating the
skin and stimulate fibroblasts, enhancing collagen production,
while the immediate tightening of the pores with the completion of DIY treatment is
given. Thanks to its unique specifications and functions, the device
prevents and repairs the signs of aging, giving the skin
firmness and youthful radiance.
Instructions for use:
Step 1: On clean skin, apply the HQ Skin Care without using it.
Step 2: Press the ON button and set the temperature
Step 3:
Activate the vibrations
Step 4: Make circular motions all over the
your face and neck
Step 5: Once the treatment has been absorbed
skin, activate the COLD function and make circular movements all over the skin.
your face and neck
Tip: Use the device in the morning and evening for best results.
10 temperature levels
It has a warm function
It contributes to
expansion of resources
Stimulates blood circulation
Maximum temperature
(warm mode): 42°C Available in cold mode
It contributes to tightening
of poresToning the skin Minimum temperature (cold mode): 15
°C below ambient temperature It has a function
Helps to stimulate collagen production Helps in cellular
Better absorption of beauty products Ion battery –
Lithium Charging via USB cableCharging time: 4 hours (+/- 30
min)Autonomy: hot mode + vibration 1 hour Autonomy: cold mode
operation + vibration 30 min
Included 1 sample of HQ cream to enhance the
brightness and softness of the skin
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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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