Insight Coloured Hair Protective Conditioner 100 ml

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Conditioner Colored Hair Protective by Insight. Show off the natural beauty of your hair with a product that offers protection and shine.

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Conditioner Colored Hair Protective by Insight. Protection and Care for Colored Hair Discover the secret to shiny and protected hair with Insight Colored Hair Protective Conditioner. Its innovative formula is enriched with extracts and natural oils that embrace the hair, offering even more shine and color protection. Maintains Color Luminosity The special color-treated hair care formula maintains the color’s long-lasting brightness by combating the wear and tear caused by washing. Formulated with Natural Ingredients With organic Macadamia oil and a color protection phytocomplex including Henna and Mango Butter extracts, as well as grape seed oil, hair is strengthened while the softness and shine of the color is maintained. Application Apply the conditioner evenly to the lengths of wet hair and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. Enjoy the simplest departure and the feeling of freshness it leaves on your hair. With Insight Colored Hair Protective Conditioner 100 ml, care for colored hair becomes simple and effective, while shine and volume last.

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