L’Oreal Age Perfect Classic Face Cream 50ml

L’Oreal Age Perfect Classic Face Cream 50ml

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Age Perfect Day Firming Cream with Collagen and SPF30, for the treatment of sagging and spots.

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COLLAGEN AMINO ACIDS: Collagen amino acids are components of collagen, naturally found in our skin. The collagen amino acids along with the other ingredients contained in the composition of this cream, contribute to tightening and strengthening the skin.

MELANIN BLOCK: Helps to reduce spots.

SPF 30: Protects against solar radiation & helps prevent the appearance of spots.

Collagen is an important structural component of the skin, which decreases after menopause. The L’Oréal Paris laboratories created this formula to reduce sagging and protect mature skin from the sun’s rays.

IMMEDIATE + LONG-TERM RESULTS: Day after day, the skin is intensively hydrated, appears more elastic and radiant. After 1 month, the spots are reduced, the skin regains its firmness. The features are lifted and the oval of the face is reshaped. The skin seems to be recovering.
How to use it:
Apply daily with upward circular movements on clean face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

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