Radiant Shine Control Moisturizer Oil Free for Oily & Combination Skin 50ml

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Say goodbye to oiliness with Shine Control Moisturizer Oil Free! Fine-flowing, moisturizing, non-greasy cream.

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Rich in active ingredients
(Nigella Sativa, Pumpkin Oil and Phospholipids) gives bright, matte skin.
Contains porous microparticles that absorb fat and biotechnologically
active ingredients that reduce the characteristic imperfections of oily skin
skin (pore number and size), prevent the appearance of wrinkles and
tighten the skin. Thanks to the natural snail secretion it contains, it soothes
and regenerates the skin. Also ideal as a base before make-up.
Fights oiliness and shine of the skin. Reduces the imperfections of oily skin. Tightens visible pores
Gives bright, matte skin. Ensures rich, long-lasting hydration. Non-greasy, ideal
base for before make-up.

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