Revolution Re-Loaded Eyeshadow Palette Provocative 16.5gr

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Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Eyeshadow Palette: Easy to apply, long lasting, rich color. Ideal for any occasion. Eye makeup success.

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Revolution Re-Loaded

You can very easily create perfect make-up for the whole day with it
Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded eyeshadow palette. The shades are perfectly combined
between them while the long duration and high pigment content
are a guarantee of eye makeup success.
provides you with the ability to create makeup for various
occasions the shadows are easy to apply and long lasting no
they gather in the folds of the eyelid nor fall under the eye
rich pigments ensure rich color

Method of application:
Apply the shadows on the eyelids using a brush and create
the desired makeup. For a classic look, apply light shadow on
inner corner of the eye and then gradually apply the darker ones
shadows out.

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