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RoccoBarocco Backpack Black RBRB9510-01

RoccoBarocco Backpack Black RBRB9510-01

SKU 000013015


RoccoBarocco backpack: elegant, functional and stylish for the dynamic women of today.

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RoccoBarocco backpack in black. It is the ultimate choice for modern women looking for style and functionality.

Its unique design, combined with careful manufacturing quality,

create an elegant and practical accessory that will accompany your everyday life with comfort and style.

The spacious main compartment of this bag, together with the practical interior pockets, ensure perfect organization for your personal belongings.

It is an excellent choice for the woman looking for style, quality and functionality in a backpack that will accompany her everywhere with elegance and refinement.

Height 32cm, Length 24cm. Width 12cm.

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