Seventeen Whitening Cream SPF15 30ml

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Seventeen Whitening Cream SPF15 30ml

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Whitening cream with Turmeric root extract, natural Vitamin C, Snail cream ingredients & a – Arbutin. For all skin types.

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Whitening Cream reduces dark spots and prevents their reappearance
them, leaving your skin bright and clean! The revolutionary composition
of Whitening Cream with α-Arbutin, Turmeric root extract and natural
Vitamin C, whitens your skin and makes it brighter, with
uniform color, as the active ingredients of Snail secretion nourish
and activate skin regeneration mechanisms. In addition,
it softens expression lines thanks to the vitamins E & C it contains and
activate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, also providing
moisturizing and antioxidant care for your skin. Its light texture
Whitening Cream since it allows you to use it daily and protects you with
SPF 15

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